Visual appearance try dominant contained in this the fresh idea of womanliness, plus actual elegance (67%) and you will sexuality (40%)

Visual appearance try dominant contained in this the fresh idea of womanliness, plus actual elegance (67%) and you will sexuality (40%)

According to Lezhnina, this suggests that most respondents however representative the household with the age-dated beliefs off shared endurance for the a difficult environment, common homemaking, and you may elevating college students, instead of which have with an ideal matchmaking and you will a pleasurable sex lifestyle.

This new standing regarding marriage while the a business and hinges on man’s impression away from gender roles. Regarding the Russian heritage, men’s and you will ladies positions are largely with the family members and procreation, and from this perspective, brand new roles off a guy and you can a partner are almost similar, just like the certainly are the spots off a woman and you may a partner. However, personal modernisation has exploded all of the an individual’s opportunities and you will identities, meaning that turned gender connections, Lezhnina notes.

The right Man: Wise and you may Alluring

The ideal man, centered on Russians, have to be individually solid and compliment (59% of participants), free of crappy models (38%), able to make a good lifestyle (33%), and you can brilliant (33%). Most other functions sensed extremely important include an appealing looks, a sense of humour, and being helpful around the home.

Somewhat, other personal organizations has actually various other sets of goals. Hence, residents of big locations worthy of visual appearance (24% in the large urban centers versus. 14-15% elsewhere) and do not brain bad patterns plenty (30% compared to. 34-43%, respectively).

In contrast to it ‘glamorous’ image prominent within the huge towns and cities, the new country clearly favours the traditional image of people due to the fact head of your own house, partner, and father. Rural customers well worth men who’s solid and you will healthy, free from bad models, bringing towards the family members, a devoted husband, a loving dad, and a kind people.

The ideal Woman: Lovely and Loyal

“Ladies qualities usually applauded within the Russian community, such being loyal, loving people, getting a housewife, and achieving a type cardiovascular system, are believed almost unimportant now for the ideal lady,” based on Lezhnina. “Two-thirds from respondents – as much as 71% in the large metropolises – don’t mention neden burayД± denemiyorsunuz any of these properties during the describing their suggestion of your ideal lady.”

The next important top quality for the right lady utilizes the new respondent’s gender; female respondents value their unique love for children (27%), when you’re male participants favor their particular become dedicated (31%).

Once again, new ideals are preferred during the huge towns and cities and you can more youthful a long time; age.g. sexuality is generally appreciated by the customers out of huge metropolises (48%), single someone (45%), and you can more youthful respondents (46%), centered on Lezhnina.

It’s symptomatic you to definitely traditionally respected female attributes from the relatives and also the opportunities from spouse and you can mommy are not thus very important to big city dwellers, who scarcely explore respect (18%), love for youngsters (17%), versatility regarding bad habits (13%), being a housewife (12%) since the features of best lady, paying attention instead into functions that produce becoming to one another basic comfy, such as for instance a common sense out of humour (20%) and a keen flexible character (39%).

Therefore, Lezhnina ends up, the right lady and also the best wife are two other axioms from inside the Russia, contrary to before suggestions out of female gender roles.

Friends against. Gender Interactions

Lezhnina are believing that Russian community now holds a couple of some other ideals for each and every gender, along with each instance, one among such ideals is applicable to family members existence.

When viewed outside a family direction, the right people must be good and you may fit (69%), smart (37%), and you will clear of crappy habits (33%), since the most readily useful woman’s head characteristics are fantastic seems (87%) and sexuality (65%). In contrast, whenever viewed out-of a family direction, a suitable people, besides being match (47%) and you can clear of bad patterns (44%), should make a life (46%), feel convenient around the home (21%), and stay devoted so you can his spouse (21%), given that very important services for the right woman are the ones and this help their own part as the wife and you can mommy, instance their particular love for college students (47%), becoming a housewife, (40%), and you will commitment (34%).